Question: We are a share holding company having ten shareholders. In order to increase the capital, we have issued new shares and we intend to offer to our five partners that may include a commercial bank. Please tell us the conditions relating to the offering shares?
 Question: We are an US-based investment company. We have already set up our wholly owned company in Vietnam. We consider purchasing shares from unlisted Vietnamese companies. Is there any difference if our Vietnam-based company purchases the shares? Could we purchase 100% shares of a company? What are the conditions that we have to satisfy?
 Question: I am intending to work in Vietnam as chief of a representative office of a foreign construction company in Hanoi. I know that foreigners working in Vietnam must have work permit issued by competent authority, however work permit are exempted in some cases. Could you tell me about the conditions for a foreigner working in Vietnam? Shall I have to get work permit from the competent authority?
 Question: Due to many difficulties caused by the world economy down turn, our company is forced to shrink its operation scale. Therefore, many of our labourers are deemed to be redundant. Can we reduce our workforce by terminating the labour contract with these labourers?
Question: Our company is an US-based company operating in home appliances trading. We and a Vietnamese partner are intending to enter into a franchise contract, in which we will be the franchisor. Shall the franchise contract be required to get the approval from or be registered with the competent authority of Vietnam? What kinds of conditions that we have to satisfy?
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