Decree on Personal Data Protection promulgated

The Government on April 17 issued Decree on Personal Data Protection which specifies measures and conditions to ensure the work.
Under the document, which will take effect from July 1, 2023, those to protect personal data include management and technical measures implemented by organisations and individuals involved in processing personal data; measures implemented by State management agencies with jurisdiction in accordance with this decree and related laws and regulations; investigation and prosecution measures carried out by State agencies; and other measures as stipulated by law.
They must be applied from the beginning and throughout the process of handling personal data.
The Department of Cyber Security and Hi-tech Crime Prevention of the Ministry of Public Security is the specialised agency for the work, tasked with assisting the ministry in implementing State management on the protection of personal data.
The national portal on personal data protection provides information on policies of the Party, and laws of the State on personal data protection; disseminates policies and laws on personal data protection; updates and receives related information and data through the internet; and provides information on the assessment of personal data protection activities of relevant agencies, organisations and individuals.
In addition, it also receives notifications of violations of regulations on personal data protection; issues warnings about risks and actions of infringing personal data as prescribed by law; and performs other activities in accordance with relevant regulations.
The decree specifies that agencies, organisations, and individuals are responsible for disseminating knowledge, skills, and raising public awareness of personal data protection; and ensuring material facilities and conditions for the specialised agency in implementing its tasks.
The Ministry of Public Security is assigned to develop specific programmes and plans to develop workforces specialising in the work./.
(VNA, 18 April 2023)

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