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Vietnam’s marriage law introduced in Republic of Korea

 A book featuring Vietnam’s Marriage and Family Law was introduced in Seoul , the Republic of Korea (RoK), on August 13.

The book, published in Vietnamese and Korean languages, was translated from Vietnamese into Korean language by Prof. Ahn Hee-wan, Director of the Vietnamese Economic Research Institute and edited by Prof. Bae Yang-soo from the Pusan University of Foreign Studies.

At the book launching ceremony, representatives from the Vietnamese Embassy in the RoK, the Korean marriage matchmakers association (KMMA) and the multi-cultural family support centre observed one minute of silence to commemorate 20-year-old Vietnamese bride Thach Thi Hong Ngoc who was killed by her mentally ill Korean husband in Pusan port city not long ago.

Representatives of KMMA and its affiliates vowed to abide by both the RoK and Vietnamese laws and ensure there will be no similar cases in the future.

Prof. Ahn began to collect materials and translate the book in late 2008 under the auspices of Park Soo-kwan , Vietnam’s honorary General Consul in Pusan and Keangnam cities, and Koo Cha-yol, Vietnam’s honorary consul in Incheon and Kiengki cities.

KMMA representatives said they will work with relevant agencies to popularise the book among families in Tegu and Pusan who have Vietnamese brides and among RoK men who plan to marry Vietnamese girls. KMMA is the only international marriage matchmaker licensed by the RoK Government./. - VNA

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